Nars Creamy Concealer

So, I haven’t tried that many concealers. Here’s the list of the concealers I have tried:

-Tarte Maracuja concealer
-Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer
-Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick
-Bare Minerals mineral concealer
-Benefit’s Fake Up concealer
-Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch stick

and last but not least (hopefully)…….



Nars Creamy Concealer


the Nars Creamy Concealer.

And this is the concealer that I want to focus on today. First of all, the name does its justice. This concealer is SUPER SUPER creamy. So for those of you who want to apply this on the under eye, I recommend applying a very good and effective eye cream beforehand. Also, the saying ‘little goes a long way’ definitely applies to this concealer. Since it’s so creamy, just adding 2 dots of it around the nose area, you can spread it out toward the entire cheek. When applying this concealer, you want to use your fingers to really dab it in the skin. And lastly, make sure to use a good and effective setting powder. The one I am using right now is the Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder. But I also recommend the Tarte loose setting powder. Whatever works for you!

I have used this concealer for about 2 weeks every day. And I will say that I will not be using this as much anymore. I will be going back to my trusty Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer!


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