Advocate Vs. Accuser

The Holy Spirit has many names – the Counselor, the Comforter, our Guidance, Witness, etc…but the one name that I want to focus on today is this: the Holy Spirit is our Advocate.

Now, Satan also has couple names as well. But the two most common ones are liar and Accuser. 

Let’s imagine a courtroom. There’s Satan, the accuser, pointing at you, telling you “You’re not saved! You’re still a dirty, nasty sinner! You have no one, you are a loner, no one loves you!”

More times than not, most people (Believers and non believers) fall for those accusations made by the Accuser; Satan. But here’s the difference in the outcomes of the impact between believers and non believers. For believers, we have our Advocate, the Holy Spirit. He is there telling us (the true believers of Christ), “The Scripture is the truth. You believe in Jesus Christ, the only person that can bridge the gap between you and the Father. Because of this belief and the faith you put in Jesus Christ, you have earned eternal life. You have received and felt the abundance of love from the Father. Though nothing in the world can truly satisfy your needs, your walk with Jesus Christ makes you whole. I (the Holy Spirit) is here to guide and protect you.”


What can the Accuser do when we have such a powerful force that advocates for us?

Satan and the unbelievers are fighting a war that cannot be won.

True believers of Christ are fighting a war that we cannot lose because it has already been won by Jesus Christ.


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